Meet the Real Stars

Enjoy exploring the stars next to the Orion Spur in our Milky Way Galaxy!


> Navigation Menu Right click with the mouse. (Doesn't work?)
> Rotate the camera Drag with the mouse or click on a star in the 3D view.
> Fly to a star Double click the desired star.
> Change perspective zoom Use the mouse wheel to zoom the perspective in or out.
> Fullscreen mode F11 for most browsers
> Find a specific star Open the Star Catalog, set the filter to 'Name' = 'Sirius'.
> Find all stars in a constellation Open the Star Catalog, set the filter to 'Bayer/Fl.' < 'Ori'.

Quick Settings

Constellation Visibility
Coordinate Grid Visibility
Show current FPS at the top right corner
Star Color Exaggeration
Stars are visible to magnitude 6.0
Star Labels Visibility
Performance for the current settings:

For best performance use Google Chrome Google Chrome!

More Tips for optimizing your performance.




Magnitudo is a free astronomy web application. This is an early experimental release, development continues. The source might be published as Open Source when the core is robust and well-tested.

For more information, feedback or bug report please visit
I will be happy to hear what you think about Magnitudo! Feedback

My special thanks goes to

The Astronomy Nexus For the HYG Database compilation
Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch
Sterne und Weltraum
For the inspiration
jQuery Team For some pretty web technology
Google Team For the fast browser Google Chrome, nice developer tools like the Google Closure Compiler


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