What is the meaning of "Magnitudo"?

"Magnitudo" is the Latin word / origin for "magnitude".
In astronomy the magnitude is a measure of brightness and brightness differences.

The apparent magnitude is the apparent brightness of a celestial object as observed from Earth.
The absolute magnitude is the brightness of a celestial object corrected to a standard luminosity distance.

To the nacked human eye, stars up to apparent magnitude 6 are visible under best conditions.
A screenshot of Magnitudo's calaog view shows a list of the 10 brightest stars and the sun:

Brightest Stars

What browsers are supported?

Google Chrome 17+ (recommended, the fastest for this application)
Firefox 11+ (nice radial gradients)
Safari 5.1.2+ or
Opera 11+.

Magnitudo also works with Internet Explorer 9. But I do not focus on optimization or bug fixing for IE.

I test Magnitudo mostly with Chrome and Firefox on a Windows 7 64 bit system.

Why don't you support Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8?

Because they don't understand modern web technology such as HTML5, CSS3 etc.

Do you support tablet computers or smart phones?

I don't own a Android or Apple i* device yet. So I can't test Magnitudo on them, so I can't support them at the moment, sorry.

Tablet computers are interesting. I can imagine to support them for future versions.

Smart phones:
I think I'll need to do a lot of extra work to make Magnitudo convenient for Smart phones. Mostly because of the small display. So for the next versions, I can't imagine to support smart phones. But lets see what time will bring us.

Why do I see my browser context menu instead of the navigation menu?

If you want to see the navigation menu, please make sure your browser settings allow to override the context menu.

What about the performance of Magnitudo?

The performance of Magnitudo generally depends on the system and the browser you are using.

Tips for improving your performance:

Use a fast browser. See above Keep your browser up to date!
Switch off all extras you don't need (Coordinate grid, Constellations etc.).
Downsize your browser window or use the downsize option, if you have less than 20 FPS.
Zoom in the perspective (with the mouse wheel).
Make sure you don't have too much background processes using the CPU intensely.
(I am also working on improving the performance of Magnitudo generally.)

What's the technology behind Magnitudo?

HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI.

I consider using three.js / WebGL for future versions. Not decided yet.

What's the base for the star data?

The star data used in Magnitudo is based on the Hipparcos catalog. The application will start with 15000 stars in its internal database. This is about 12% of the brightest stars from the HIP calalog, up to apparent magnitude 7. For future versions, I will implement a posibillity to load the complete HIP catalog. My thanks goes to The Astronomy Nexus for the HYG database compilation.

For most stars, the temperature, lumosity and diameter is just estimated roughly. An additional list will fix this for the next versions. I write more about this topic, if you are interested.

What are the plans for future versions and where is the Change log?

Please take a look at the Quo Vadis Page here.