Welcome to Magnitudo

Magnitudo is a free astronomy web application. The core of Magnitudo is a 3D Star Browser - you can explore stars and constellations as they appear in the real sky. You are not limited to the solar system perspective. Just use the mouse to navigate to a star of your interest! You can also use the built-in star calalog to browse the stars and its properties.

Magnitudo is free for use. All you need is a modern web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera. If you are using Internet Explorer, you must have version 9 or higher. Google Chrome is the fastest for Magnitudo.

Just take off now and enjoy exploring the stars next to the Orion Spur in our Milky Way Galaxy.

(Preview version 0.3.3! Still under development.)

Background Information

The star data used in Magnitudo is based on the Hipparcos catalog. The application will start with 15000 stars in its internal database. This is about 12% of the brightest stars from the HIP calalog, up to apparent magnitude 7. For future versions, I will implement a posibillity to load the complete HIP catalog. My thanks goes to The Astronomy Nexus for the HYG database compilation.

Magnitudo is completly written in HTML5 and JavaScript. It also profits a lot from the jQuery JS Library. The 3D view is using an own simple 3D renderer, but for future versions I consider using Three.js or WebGL directly. I started this project, because I am interested in astronomy and web technology. Maybe I publish the source as Open Source on a common Open Source Repository when the core is robust.

This project was just born. You can find more information here: FAQ, Quo Vadis.
I'll be happy to hear what you think about Magnitudo: Contact.